In case you haven't noticed, Brilliant Babe has been on a 3 week hiatus. With the new year fast approaching and all the changes I've had going on in my life, I wanted to give everyone a life update as well as Brilliant Babes 2017 RESOLUTIONS! 

Although I love love love me some blog time, Brilliant Babe will be less focused on blogging in 2017 and more focused on shopping! That's right, by end of next year Brilliant Babe will hopefully be an online boutique instead of just your regular old blog! Exciting, right? 

What else will be new? Well, as I finish up my esthetician license I will now be certified to give you guys bigger and better tips when it comes to skincare and makeup! 

For now however, this will be the last blog of 2016 as I am getting ready to part ways with the beautiful US of A and heading to the Dominican Republic for holiday. 

So let's have fun with this blog and make it whatever we want! 

End of Year Tips, Tricks, & Reminders:

You're beautiful and gorgeous and perfect. Without you I wouldn't be able to get to love out one of my teenaged dreams. Thank you. 

Buy extra mascara wands. You'll need them for all kinds of skincare! When shopping, feel free to pick up a pack of loose wands (I got mine at forever21) that way when you need to do something in a small area, you can do it hands free! Example: when trying to grow out your lashes, dip a spare mascara wand into castor oil and apply like regular! You can get yours at places like Sally's, Walmart, or the Wish app

Castor Oil.... it's pretty great for everything but ESPECIALLY CRAMPS! I, like most girls, struggle with cramps and bloating. When shopping Amazon I was blessed with the discovery of this castor oil pack kit! It's been a messy blessing and I highly recommend it. Not only does it help with cramp pain but it also helps with bloating. All you do is lay your castor oil soaked towel on your stomach for an hour with a heating pad and you'll feel good as new... BAM. Best kept secret worldwide. Buy your kit here

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